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Scottsdale Affordable Wisdom Teeth Extraction

At Happy Family Dental Care, our competitive fees are among the lowest in Scottsdale. Our oral surgeon, Dr. Nguyen Phan, has extensive experience extracting wisdom teeth. His efficiency and skill allow us to keep wisdom tooth surgery affordable.

Wisdom Teeth CostThis image is an illustration with four panels, each showing a type of impacted wisdom tooth. In order from upper left to lower right, the panels show: 1. augular impaction, 2. horizontal impaction, 3. partial impaction, and 4. vertical impaction. In each image, the wisdom tooth has too little room to emerge and is pressing on the adjacent tooth.

The cost of your wisdom tooth extraction depends on the complexity of your case. In a simple wisdom tooth extraction, the tooth has fully emerged from the gum. Simple extractions cost $125 per tooth. An impacted wisdom tooth is more difficult to remove. That’s because the tooth is crowded and often obstructed, as show in the illustration to the right. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, surgery costs $400 per tooth. You can learn more about wisdom tooth impaction here.

If you have dental insurance, your plan may cover up to 80% of the extraction cost. Our insurance specialist will help maximize your benefits while staying within your budget. For example, if your insurance benefits are limited to $1000 per year, but you need four wisdom teeth extracted, we may be able to split the extraction into two appointments. We will do the two most urgent extractions first. When your dental benefits are replenished the following January, we will remove the remaining wisdom teeth. This greatly limits your out-of-pocket expenses and leaves dental benefits available each year for other care.

Affordable Wisdom Tooth Removal

We can offer these affordable prices because our oral surgeon is highly skilled. With Dr. Phan’s years of experience, he works efficiently. Dr. Phan believes that quality dental care should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget. To that end, he strives to keep wisdom tooth extraction economical.

We want everyone to get the dental care they need. We participate in many health insurance programs, and we’re happy to file your dental insurance claim for you and take assignment of benefits. Please see our financial policies for more information about insurance, financing, and payment plans.

To make an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction, please call our office at (480) 994-1266. You can also fill out our appointment request form, and we will contact you.