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Scottsdale Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Dang is a general dentist, which makes him fully qualified to treat your whole family—adults and kids. As a father himself, Dr. Dang appreciates the unique needs of children. Our staff works to make each appointment fun and stress-free, and young patients look forward an enthusiastic greeting and a prize at the end.

What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

After graduating from dental school, a pediatric dentist completes two additional years of training. This additional education prepares the dentist to treat pediatric patients with complex dental needs, underlyingImage of mother and child, both smiling with healthy white teeth. A general dentist and a pediatric dentist can both treat children. health issues, or developmental disorders. However, a general dentist can also treat most pediatric patients. In the event that your child has special needs that require a specialist pediatric dentist, Dr. Dang will refer you to one.

Dentistry for Kids

For a lifetime of healthy smiles, your kids need quality preventative care and help establishing good oral hygiene habits. We see children as young as one year old, and we encourage you to bring kids for their first dental appointment before problems have a chance to develop. That way, your child won’t associate pain with visits to the dentist. Pediatric dental care consists of:

  • Exams. Dr. Dang will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums, looking for evidence of decay or potential orthodontic problems.
  • Cleanings. Just like adults, kids need dental cleanings every six months. During the cleaning, a skilled, friendly hygienist will gently remove plaque buildup from your child’s teeth. This prevents cavities from forming.
  • X-rays. Dr. Dang will take a set of X-rays to ensure your child’s teeth are coming in correctly, without orthodontic problems. X-rays also help identify any tooth decay that might be difficult to see during a dental exam.
  • Sealants. Once children are about 6, we will paint a clear sealant solution on their back teeth to safeguard them from decay. Sealants will protect your child’s molars for years.
  • Fluoride. Fluoride strengthens the enamel of your child’s teeth, fortifying it against decay caused by plaque buildup. Children who get fluoride treatments have far fewer cavities than those who do not.
  • Fillings. Sometimes even with careful oral hygiene, kids develop cavities. Dr. Dang fills cavities with a tooth-colored mercury-free composite material, leaving the tooth looking as good as new.

Helping Kids Care for Their Teeth

It’s not unusual for a child to be a little nervous about the dentist. Fortunately, parents can greatly influence how children see dental care. For example, brushing and flossing in front of your kids is a powerful and subtle way to encourage good oral health habits. You should start helping your child brush as soon as their teeth erupt from their gums.

Please call us at (480) 994-1266 to make a pediatric dentist appointment. You can also fill out this form, and we will call you to schedule an appointment for your child.