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Scottsdale Natural-Looking Dentures

mature couple demonstrates beautiful Scottsdale denturesWhen you think of dentures, you may picture thick, clunky, unnatural-looking teeth. But Dr. Dang can create a set of dentures that you’ll be really happy with. They’ll be both comfortable and natural looking, so no one will ever have to know that they are not your own teeth. And if you thought you couldn’t manage to pay for good quality dentures, you’ll find we not only use first-rate materials and methods, we also strive to provide reasonable fees and affordable payment plans.

Natural, Comfortable Dentures

Materials matter in the creation of natural-looking dentures, so we use good quality materials that will provide you with years of comfortable service. And the philosophy of the dentist comes into play with dentures as well. One philosophy says that dentures should not be too beautiful because they won’t look natural. But Dr. Dang doesn’t believe that. He will provide you with dentures that look the way you want them to look, and our dentures procedure will help you achieve a smile you’ll love.

Our Procedure

Drawing of how dentures fit
How Dentures Fit

Unlike some dental practices, we don’t skip any steps in our dentures procedure. The first step is to listen to your ideas and aspirations to get an idea of what you really want. Then Dr. Dang will fit you with good quality wax rims that will comfortably fit over your gums to provide a foundation for the teeth. The pink wax will block out the approximate positions of your teeth and will help Dr. Dang determine the proper vertical dimension of your bite.

The next step is to set your teeth in the wax. The illustration on the left shows how they will fit over the gums. The teeth used will be the actual teeth that will become part of your denture. You’ll be able to see exactly how they will look, and Dr. Dang will check the bite and the fit and calibrate the amount of opening of your jaw. He will also test how the dentures affect your speech so that they are as natural as possible. Any adjustments that are needed will be made before the teeth are processed into the permanent base.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Dang also provides implant-supported dentures, which provide improved stability and retention. But you will never be pressured to go with one solution or the other. An upper denture covers the upper palate and is held in place by suction. However, since there is no way to achieve suction on the lower arch, the lower denture is held more loosely with gravity, and is controlled by the tongue and cheeks. It can take time to train the muscles to do this with consistency, and there are sometimes slips. In addition, chewing efficiency is much lower with removable dentures. While some people get along fine with this, others want a more advanced solution. Securing the dentures with dental implants effectively removes these problems for most people.

You can learn more about this topic by clicking here to read our implant-supported dentures page.

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