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Affordable Versus Cheap Dental Implants

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I need a few dental implants and am concerned about something that recently happened to a friend. She had ten dental implants placed. The crowns started falling off and she had just these metal pieces sticking out of her mouth. She tried reaching the dentist and they would never answer the phone or return her calls. I finally told her that she just needs to show up there and even offered to go with her. When we showed up the place was closing shop for good. An employee told us the dentist has not showed up in several days and they recently learned that he has skipped the country. She doesn’t have a lot of money and went to this dentist because he was significantly cheaper than anyone else. I’m in a similar bind financially, but do not want to end up in the same boat.


Dear Christine,

As you have discovered through your friend’s unfortunate experience, there is a big difference between affordable dentistry and cheap dentistry. Dental implants are a very advanced procedure. You don’t want a dentist to do it simply because they cost the least. Instead, you want a dentist who is willing to work with patients.

In many cases, you do not have to pay for the entire procedure at once. Most often, you pay for the implant placement first. Then, after that is done and healed. You pay for the restoration that comes next. Some will have in-house payment plans that allow you to break up those payments even further.

There are also medical payment cards, such as Care Credit, that will pay for your procedure and then let you pay them back in installments. They offer low and even zero percentage interest plans depending on your credit.

Some dentists run temporary specials on procedures too. For instance, Dr. Dang is currently discounting dental implants temporarily.

I hope this helps you.
This blog is brought to you by Scottsdale Affordable Dentist Dr. Giang Dang.

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