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Discount Dental Plan

More than 100 million Americans can’t afford to go to the dentist, and most of them don’t have dental insurance. If you don’t have dental insurance and want an affordable way to maintain good oral hygiene, we offer a discount dental plan—the Quality Dental Plan (QDP).

What Is a Discount Dental Plan?

The Quality Dental Plan is not dental insurance. It is a dental savings plan. So you don’t have premiums, annual maximums, or deductibles. As soon as you sign up for the plan, you can start receiving benefits from it.

QDP Benefits

When you become a member of the QDP, you receive:

  • Up to two free dental cleanings per year
  • A free complete dental exam and x-rays
  • Free teeth-whitening strips
  • Twenty percent discount on all dental services
  • Twenty percent discount on Invisalign® invisible braces and short-term orthodontics

How Much Does this Discount Dental Plan Cost?

Annual membership for the QDP is $249 for the first member and $199 annually for each additional family member. When you register for the plan, your non-refundable membership fees are due.

Your plan is good for one year from your registration date. Your QDP registration date is your anniversary date. Each anniversary, membership fees are due for continued savings from the plan.

Depending on your dentistry service totals, you can request a no-interest payment plan of three-, six-, or twelve-months duration.

QDP Eligibility

Your spouse and dependent children under the age of nineteen—or up to age twenty-three if they are full-time students—are all eligible for the QDP.

Missed or Reschedule Appointments

Notify us at least forty-eight hours in advance if you have to miss or reschedule an appointment. Otherwise, a $75 fee will be charged to you.

Are you interested in the Quality Dental Plan? Call us to ask questions or to register for membership.